For those of you who don’t know: I have small feet, seriously, most 12-year-olds have bigger feet than me. I’m talking a legitimate 3.5 in kid’s. So naturally, finding “adult” shoes is more of a pain in the ass than anything. Sometimes I can get away with a 6, but finding a cute heel is near impossible most of the time because most places START at 6, not 5 or 5.5 which I can do, and this girl does not do flats. But it does have it’s perks: we save $30+ on our Converses, Nike and Timberlands buying from the kid’s section as opposed to the adult’s!~

Chances are, if you yourself don’t have small feet, you know someone who does, and have heard their struggle. So feel free to refer them to this post, because it’s all about my top places to shop for cute shoes for your baby-sized feet without looking like you went to Carter’s.

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Honestly if you haven’t heard of Matisse, you’re doing shoes wrong. They carry everything from sandals, to mules to edgy ankle booties to make your heart pitter-patter. They are my favorite shoe brand and I love my ankle boots I have from them, they’re so unique and fit perfectly, I always get compliments when I wear them! Not only do they carry smaller sizes on the regular, but the quality is amazing and defiantly worth the money *thumbs up emoji*!

Dolce Vita

Another top 3 is Dolce Vita, who again carry to die for styles and looks as well as clothing which is equally drool-worthy. They also uphold their end of the quality deal, which is a must for girls on the go like me (who also work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week). My heeled mules (shop-able from the first image) from theme for like a glove and are my go-to for dressing up what would otherwise be a very basic outfit.

Steve Madden

Steve is great for variety. While the afore mentioned brands mainly cater to a more bohemian and edgy air, Steve has everything from pumps to those beautiful Freebird styles and even sneakers! I’ve always been in love with the rugged Freebird collection, and have coveted the boots my mother-in-law owns for years. Even the kid’s shoes are cute for when I feel like clicking in that direction (I usually buy my everyday gladiator/fashion sandals from kid’s because they fit better for my feet!)



While these places didn’t make the top three, they are still favorites, and easier for you to shop since they have multiple brick n mortar locations in almost every city in the USA.

Target: While they are still carrying Dolce Vita from their collaboration with the shoe mogul, their Mossimo and Merona brand carries 5-5.5 and they still have super cute styles across the board! The company has also announced they will be releasing the mentioned brands later this year/early 2018 for better labels, so I’m excited to see what comes out of it!

Nordstrom: The perfect place (online) to shop multiple brands collectively. Even some of the above mentioned labels are listed within Nordstrom, but they also hold a ton of hidden gems under lesser-known labels like Halogen!

Free People: They carry almost everyone from Converse to Matisse and the Freebird collection, but they also carry a plethora of new-to-you brands too!

Alright, where are my fellow baby-feet chicas at? Shout out in the comments with your shoe size and let me know your favorite places to shop for those “adult styles”!