I told you an outfit post would be coming! In my last blog post about the shows I attended last weekend, I briefly mentioned my outfit. Because these shows are about an hour out from where I live we were on a tight budget for time to get back to Hickory and get ready for the night event, so I was unable to shoot images in Uptown. Jonah and I did head to a historical home sight on Sunday though to shoot the look I wore Saturday!

The only difference is that I wore this chiffon necktie from my boutique in the photos, and am kicking myself for not wearing it to the event because it looked so damn cute!


While I’m not one to follow trends, I cannot deny that the sheer floral craze and everything woven or straw has caught my attention. This top flows just right and compliments a small bust well (the best part is that the flowers hide your nipples so no bra or petals, which is obviously a win, duh), and the hat is simple yet classic enough to add just the right touch, and made a great 12th edition to my hat collection!

080602 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080603 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080604 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080605 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080606 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080607 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080608 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS

080808 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS080609 768x1024 - SHEER FLORAL + WOVEN HATS


Notice anything different in these photos?? That’s right, I cute my hair! I’ve been playing around with going back short after almost two years of having long hair, and an unfortunate coloring incident lead to the ultimate decision if we’re being brutally honest here!

The exact top I’m wearing is sold out (sad face), but you can shop a similar style in the widget below! My clutch is almost as big as I am and vintage, and my real glasses frames are Ralph Lauren.