NYFW, New York Fashion Week, the hottest week in the United States for fashion lovers. Every February designers, bloggers, and  fashion consumers flock to the Big Apple to view the work of established and new designers alike send their masterworks down the runway to be adored by everyone.

NYFW has always been a dream of mine since I began blogging, I was lucky to visit the city in March of my senior year in high school for a chorus trip, and fell in love with the city and fit in like a natural according to my friends who were in our group. Sadly I haven’t been back since, only to Upstate NY where my father’s family resides. Sure I’ve been invited to Fashion Week, twice actually, but due to circumstances at the time, wasn’t able to make it either time. Bummer, I know.

The second time I was invited to NYFW to view a designer’s collection was by miss Premal Badiani. If you are a long-time reader of Boheme Royale, you’ll remember on the old blog where I had the pleasure to meet and converse with Premal at Charlotte Fashion Week. I wasn’t able to personally view her collection on the finale night of CFW, but I received images and they were beautiful. As I’ve mentioned before, Indian fashion, couture and designers in general are some of my favorites to view and research, each design is so intricate and the colors are so vibrant and it all just comes together in a beautifully ethnic fashion…pardon the pun.

During NYFW, on the 14th, Premal unveiled her Winter ’17 collection called “Root Cause”, it physically walked down the runway and was view-able from a 3D stand-point as well which is so cool! The collection name not only lends to the color palette used within: beautiful maroon hues brought to life even more by detailed embroidery in green and gold tones. “Root Cause” not only reads environmental in its coloring, but also has a deeper meaning connecting it to Mother Earth, below is an exert from Premal on the collection’s deeper meaning:

“The inspiration behind this collection is to bring awareness of the human impact on the environment and to promote social responsibility by adopting sustainable fashion as a lifestyle choice. The primary fabric used for all the outfits is Liva, that is made from natural fibers and produced from wood pulp, a natural renewable resource. This highlights the brand’s philosophy of environmental awareness that believes caring about the planet is not a seasonal choice but needs to be done all year round. Through this collection, the brand wants to promote sustainable fashion in the luxury market.”

For years the connection between fashion and the environment has been growing, spawning many brands that exclusively use eco-friendly and fair trade work and materials in order to ensure that if and when a product by them reaches the end of its wearable time, it does as little damage as possible, from creation to decomposition. Environmentalist and eco-activist are constantly urging designers who haven’t made the switch or at least a partial switch, to do so. And why shouldn’t we be concerned? With the rise of fast fashion, more and more clothing is ending up in landfills because it is cheaply produced and sold, but does not stand even a fraction of the test of time as an environmentally conscious garment, like the designs produced by Premal would!

Along with promoting and showing her “green work” here in the United States, she also keeps it a mainstay on her home country of India where she continues to carry out her social responsibility as a designer.

“As a brand, Premal Badiani has social responsibilities that she has never shrugged off. The brand is associated with many charity associations and gives back to the society, both in India and the US. For this event, Premal Badiani Poshaac will be tying up with foundation Hearts@Work to support the ‘Clean India, Green India’ movement.”

I could sit here and write more, but instead of reading about the colors and intricate details within the collection, how about I show you some pictures? Premal sent these my way and they are a mix of 3D images from the photo-shoot in Milan, pictures from NYFW, and images from the media event that took place at the Consulate General of India!

Fashion Designer Premal Badiani (center) at a press conference, flanked by Meghna Joshi (left), Mrs India International and Dr. Swetha Reddy, Co-founder of Indiapopup.com at Indian Consulate in New York. New York; February 16, 2017 Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment


Fashion Designer Premal Badiani and Ambassador Riva Ganguly Das, Consul General of India to NYC at a reception, hosted at the Indian Consulate to celebrate New York Fashion Week.
New York; February 16, 2017 Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment

Fashion Designer Premal Badiani displays her creation of evening gown at New York Fashion Week.
February 14, 2017
Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment

Fashion Designer Premal Badiani and Mani Kamboj, Chief Operating Officer, Roshni Media at New York Fashion Week.
New York; February 14, 2017
Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment

Fashion Designer Premal Badiani at New York Fashion Week.
February 14, 2017
Photo:-Jay Mandal/On Assignment


Like I mentioned previously in this post, I was able to meet and talk with Premal several times during Charlotte Fashion Week last year and although she is very serious about her designing work (but then again name a successful designer who isn’t!), she is still very personable and makes you feel like the two of you have known each other for years! For those of you who don’t know of Premal, or have maybe seen her designs but haven’t gotten to research her, here’s a little bit about her:

“Premal Badiani, an Indian couturier known for making a commendable contribution to the Indian fashion world as well as Internationally. She has carved a niche for herself by revolutionizing the American couture world through her distinctive glamorous concepts, Indian and contemporary silhouettes, and exquisite craftsmanship, echoing the bygone techniques rooted deeply in the heritage and textile legacy.

 Her global design sensibility is a perfect marriage between intricate embroideries and nouveau texturizing techniques. She has also associated with many charity organizations, both in India and America, making sure that the brand keeps pursing its social responsibilities towards the betterment of society. “

It’s an obvious no-brainer that Premal was excited to show her collection at NYFW, but she hopes that by showing her collections, not only at NYFW or CFW, but consistently throughout the year all over the world so that she can bring the spotlight even more on Indian designers.

“The designer says showcasing the collection at the New York Fashion Week will open an avenue for the entire community of Indian textile makers ‘This opportunity will open an avenue not only for me and other designers but also for the entire community of Indian textile makers and hand-loom weavers to get their craft noticed and acknowledged in the international fashion industry,’ says the designer.”

Along with the photos, a teaser video has also been provided from the photo-shoot in Milan!

 So what’s your favorite piece from the collection? Let me know below and let Premal know by connection with her through social media and her website!

Premal’s Webite

Facebook Page / Instagram

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Premal fro providing the images and photos from the show and photo-shoot and for inviting me to the show, even if I was not able to attend! Special thanks to her photographer as well, Jay Mandal as well for the stunning images from the NY events. I love it when designers I’ve connected with keep me in mind when they have an event or showing! xo

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