FMA 080524 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen

As a lot of you know, I regularly partner with Rita and her amazing crew at Charlotte Seen to attend fashion shows and fashion events in Charlotte and cover them for Boheme Royale and our social channels!

Well Saturday we had not one, but two shows to go to. Jonah has been delving into his art, so my younger sister attended the morning’s show with me before we had lunch and headed back to Hickory to drop her off, and pick up J. I have always said that I am happiest when I’m busy doing what I love, so Saturday was no biggie, but two cups of coffee and a green tea helped!



The morning show was brought to us by Charlotte Seen and Embassy Suites Uptown, and featured an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme where models wore their own style of hat, and since I own 12 (yes, I said twelve) hats, I figured I might as well wear one too! I opted for a simple woven hat from H&M and paired it with a sheer embroidered blouse and trouser wide-leg denim (outfit post to come!).

As I mentioned the show had the cutest Mad Hatter theme to it and of course the tables lining the runway were decked out in such fashion! Sweet T Flowers provided sweet little bouquets in teacups, top hats had been crafted from decorative paper and there were even tiny pastries on tiered displays.

Mad Hatter Fashion Show

Like most Charlotte Seen events, it catered to all age ranges and the wonderful fashions (save for a few formal-wear pieces) were provided by Dillard’s of South Park, who has been the go-to for these events for a good while, including their involvement with CLTFW. The hats each model wore though were crafted by them or are from their own personal collection. It started off with a dance number by Triple Threat Dance Studio and their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, complete with a Futterwacking Mad Hatter (double cool points if you get that reference!) and the cutest Cheshire Cat I’ve ever seen.

Mad Hatter Fashion Show Dance

After the excitement of the show we grabbed a quick bite to eat up the street (Uptown literally has almost everything you could need within a half-mile walk of the Embassy) and spent some time walking around before heading back so I could start to edit images and make sure that Jonah was actually getting ready, because you know how men are when left to their own devices, no matter how much we love them.



The night’s event was definately magical and we enjoyed every second of it! Jonah and I are both incredibly art-centered people, he actually commissions mixed-media pieces himself and has his own studio within our home, and I have always loved art. If you’re a long time reader or stalker of social media, you know that I love a good re-worked piece, and tonight they had plenty of those! I really wanted to wear my masterpiece but for the sake of a cohesive look with what J wore, opted for a simple nude and white lace romper and the cutest black necktie from my boutique and Jonah absolutely loved and it just felt right to wear to an art event.

In the lobby way before the main room the runway was in, displayed beautiful art by artist originating from all over the world. Although all the artwork was unique and finely put together, my favorite pieces were by artist Luis De Dios, who currently has a gallery in Mooresboro. His paintings are heavily influenced by his Spanish culture, and being half Spanish myself, I absolutely loved that that came through. Out of respect for still-living artist I do not share images of their work unless personally asked by them, but you can find Luis on Facebook to view his wonderful works!

During the fashion show, designers took inspiration from the artwork of the artist showcased in the lobby and created their own looks. Some designed complete collections and some used re-vamped or unconventional materials as their mediums, which created a grand shmogishborg of living art as it walked down the runway! Another dance performance by TT took place with older dancers before the show began was featured a quirky futuristic vibe to it.

FMA080504 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen

Now, I know it’s super bad to have favorites, but there were two times when I saw names on the screen above the runway and it made my heart happy, and that was for Sterling K. Walker, and Malou Cordery. If those names sounds familiar, it’s because they are! Both Sterling and Malou were participated in CLTFW last year, and were shown again at the event. Sterling created a capsule collection of strikingly modern-edgy pieces inspired by darker floral landscape, and Malou brought her one of a kind creations to the runway that literally brought a lump to my throat because they were THAT INCREDIBLE!!

                                                       FMA 080513 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen          FMA 080514 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen

FMA 080522 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen           FMA 080524 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen

Honestly wish every day of my life was like this, surrounds by fashion and inspired constantly, and I want to thank Rita and Charlotte Seen for amazing opportunities through-out the year to join in the fun with them and share it with you all. I also want to thank the Embassy Suits Uptown for housing both events perfectly, and to all the artist, designers, volunteers and HMUA who worked diligently for weeks to ensure the show ran smoothly and the models and work presented looked flawless!

IMG 3922 225x300 - One Saturday, Two Fashion Shows with Charlotte Seen

You can view the full album of the events here, on our Facebook, and don’t forget to give Charlotte Seen some love! is how you can read more about them and upcoming events, and you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and follow Rita and Rob’s personal accounts for BTS looks at the events and other fun things going on around Charlotte!