I’m super excited to share with you all the goodies that came in my first ever Influenster box, the Roxy Vox Box. This little teal box was popped into my mailbox a while ago, and ideally this blog post would have been posted a week sooner, but better late than never with only six days left in the campaign! I’ll get better though, I promise!

For those of you who don’t know about Influenster, you can check out this quick-start informational blog post I posted less than an hour ago, but for those who are already on board, let’s get started!

*Items within this blog post are complimentary from Influenster!

fancy feet ball of foot cushions

As a chronic shoe hoarder who also has baby feet (my true size is a 3.5 US in KID’S SHOES!), sometimes my shoes don’t always fit like a glove, especially when even a 5.5 is sometimes just a smidge big. Whenever I wear booties or heels, by feet always slide forward, especially at work, and even sometimes with my flats! I’ve used Fancy Feet since I started wearing heels back in middle school, and even when they’re popped into some vintage Italian loafers, they still keep my feet comfortable and slide-free (you know, unless I was actually going down a slide).

secret clinical strength invisible solid

Fun fact about me: I am actually allergic to most deodorants…but not this one! When I do work out, I work out and am usually on the borderline of dripping sweat within 20 minutes, but with this, I can make sure I glisten with workout glitter, but don’t stink! The deodorant has such a fresh scent to it and unlike most sticks, doesn’t wreak havoc on my black workout gear!

vera wang “embrace” perfume: green tea and pear blossom + periwinkle and iris

Whenever I’m looking for perfumes to add to my collection, the one thing I always look for is simplicity, the more I can smell like fresh cut flowers the better honestly, and both of these scents are not at the top of my wishlist! Green tea and pear blossom is the epitome of spring and is perfect for lunch dates and errand running. while periwinkle and iris is the perfect calming scent for lounging at home or family gatherings!

purell naturals gel hand sanitizer

Being a dog owner, especially of a puppy, I am forever cleaning up messes and sticking my fingers into Kimchi’s mouth to fish out whatever leaf or string she has found, so needless to say I need a good sanitizer to have on-hand (pun intended). The fact that it’s made from plant-based alcohol also means I don’t have to avoid hand kisses like the plague after sanitizing my hands because both our dogs are kissers! This pump to dispense bottle offers a perfect, mess-free, solution to keeping germs at bay!

not your mother’s mega beach babe soft waves spray

I’ve used this product countless times before, so I was very happy to see a sample of it in my box! Now that my hair is almost back to it’s length pre-13″ cut a few years back, I’m excited to play up my natural hair texture (wavy/curly mix) and this product has always done just that. It’s not heavy on my hair, and smells like a tropical getaway with every spritz. My best styling advise is to spritz it mid-shaft to ends and let your hair air-dry or blow dry on a cool-setting to really give it as natural a look as possible if your hair isn’t already wavy/curly! Can’t wait for your hair to completely air-dry? Hit the roots with the dryer, while using a de-fuser, and then spritz your damp ends and mid-shaft like I’ve done here!

Are you part of the Influenster community!? What’s been your favorite box so far? Let me know below and let’s chat! xo