Monthly favorites are something I’ve always wanted to do, and I would do a few here and there, but nothing too consistent…

But that’s about to change.

I’m going to make it a priority to create monthly favorite collages for you guys and showcase my favorite finds from home decor, shoes, accessories and even reading material and other blogs or blog post!

I’m also going to be tying in monthly gratitudes as well to share with you all! Every night before I go to bed I jot down three or more good things that happened that day, they can be as simple as “I woke up” or maybe I found a necklace I thought I had lost!

Author Note: Before we scroll down any further, please be aware that by clicking the links associated with some of these items, I may recieve compensation per click and/or purchase of said item through Collective (Shop Style)! Thank you in advance for your support of this blog!

the face saver: now I don’t have this exact product, but I linked this product since it was the closest to what I actually have if you’re shopping on the TJMaxx website! What’s actually on my bathroom counter is the rose water hydrating face mist by the same company and it is my go-to beauty product at the moment! My face is constantly getting dried out b the weather, home, and work place so I spritz this twice times a day if no more! I usually will spray once in the morning when I get up after washing my face, and once before I go to bed after removing my makeup. On my days off though, I just wear this and mascara for a natural look since it gives my skin a fresh, soft, look and I feel like my freckles stand out more with being more hydrated! You may not be able to spritz and go with the product in my image, but this rose micellar water will still save your face from the woes of face oils and makeup grime!

wish list: I recently became a merchandiser for the accessory and lifestyle brand chloe + isabel, and cannot wait to share with you all the beautiful pieces they have and their story, but for now I’ll just share an item on my wishlist! The Souviens Statement Bracelet is not only the perfect slice or wrist candy, but also has the perfect boho luxe look to it and I cannot wait to have it!

You can purchase this and hundreds of other items from bags to men’s accessories through my boutique, here, be sure to check out my “Festival Essentials” collection I created with my lovely readers in mind to get you ready for the upcoming festie season!

for the home: Jonah and I are still in the midst of decorating and figuring out a direction for each room, but I already know this white-washed wood ladder would be perfect for the living room to hang my throws on so the dogs can’t claim it as their own (does any other pet parents feel my struggle?!). We’ve used Wayfair quite a few times now, like to purchase our entry-way bench and dining table that mayyyy or may not have a built-in wine rack (similar style linked)! They have so many items for every style of home and their customer service is amazing (we had a chair in our kitchen set that had mis-constructed connector peg and they sent us the correct parts without question!) !

runway moment: as most of you know, I was invited to NYFW again this year but unable to attend because I was moving into the house, but if I had gone…I probably would have snuck into this show. 3.1 Phillip Lim debuted some absolutely jaw-dropping and heart-palpitating shoes, like the Nashville Platform Sandal captured by ImaxTree. Heavy studding and hardware are huge up-coming trends for Spring and Summer and I am going to be riding that train so hard!  

brands we love: I’ve been following Revolve for years, they are a bohemian lover’s dream and have the raddest blogging babes in their squad and staff to back that up! I found this little silver gem  by St Xavier browsing the website (like I do almost weekly) and instantly fell in love. It has a beautiful antique vibe to it and I’m such a suck for ornate silver items….I actually collect silver serving trays both large and small!

for the office: I’m slowly getting my office together and officially only have two boxes left to unpack! I like to do my hand-sewing sitting down (weird, I know, and when I’m using my machine, I can’t sit, I have to stand!), and this rug from Target looks like it would keep my bum comfy, or be something pretty to look at as I drop beads and Kimchi tries to eat them while perched on my “sewing cushion”. The color and vintage look of it are to die for, it looks like you picked it straight out of a seller’s tent on the streets of India or Morocco!

trend love: obviously I’m a sucker for a lot of things, and a good statement jacket is one. Everything is embellished or embroidered this year and I absolutely love it and am constantly fawning over pieces while browsing Pinterest and Instagram! Zara has always had my heart when it comes to statement jackets, and this embroidered number WITH tassels takes the Boheme Royale cake and comes at a super affordable price!

Phew! Now that I’ve blabbered on and on about my faves (you didn’t even read it did you? just clicked the links to see what I was yapping about, right?), let’s get into some gratitude for the things I already have in my life!

 g r a t i t u d e s


This month Jonah and I not only finally announced that we bought a house, but I was also able to finally slow down from the frenzy of unpacking and ordering things we still needed like lawn equipment and furnishing. I was able to sit down and admire my work so far, and so also soak it in that I’m a homeowner and this is our little abode! I am so incredibly blessed to have a roof of my own over my head, but to also be able to share it with the love of my life (cue collective “ew gross, he’s got cooties!” from the audience) and our fur-babies, and not have to fight for a parking space anymore like I did at the apartment! I can’t wait to show you all a little house tour when we’re at a good point!


Like I mentioned, I became a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel and I am so, so excited to continue my entrepreneurial journey in a fun, supportive and completely creative environment! I have an awesome mentor to help me on my way to the top, and it feels so good to have the creative freedom that I do. I cannot wait to be able to show you guys what I have in mind and connect you all to this amazing accessory and lifestyle brand that I know you’re sure to love because they have something for everyone and every style profile!


It’s finally starting to warm up!! I am such a despise-r of cold weather, which I attribute to my California roots, and have been able to finally wear shorts three days in a row now! It looks like the 50s and 40s for the high temp during the days are finally dead and gone! Here’s to more freckles, sun tans and the cutest clothes!

And that’s it for today loves! I know it’s been a doozie, but thanks for sticking to the end and let’s have a chat!

What are some of your faves from March?

What amazing things happened to you that you’re grateful for?!

And which piece from Chloe + Isabel is on your wishlist now??