H&M is quickly becoming one of my favorite retailers, a store recently opened here in Hickory over a year ago and usually if I’m not busy on my break at work, I’m in their browsing!

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This year, March 1st to be exact, H&M debuted their first “see now, buy now” fashion show in Paris. Which is amazing, to the everyday consumer like myself, I love the fact that if I see something I really like -and I saw a few items indeed- I wouldn’t have to wait weeks or even months for the collection to hit stores so I could actually try the items on.

Now while attendees to the actual fashion show were able to mix and mingle with the stars who studded the event, it was also broadcast on social media for the rest of the world to view, and it did not disappoint. The venue chosen for the runway was the Tennis Club de Paris, which if you’ve seen the collection already, know how well it meshes with the collection itself!

The S/S collection is a mix of soft and hard, elegance and moxie: inspired by ballet with athleisure and island notes since the design team traveled to Havana where ballet is a huge recreational pass-time.

Ballet is something I’ve always been drawn to and inspire by myself. I’m always amazed at the way the dancers float around the stage on pointe, while also being equally amazed by knowing the amount of strength those moves take and the hour upon hours of training and disciple. I wish my parents would have thrown me into ballet as a child, since for the most part I am much too old now to partake in the sport and would never be able to have time. Throughout the collection and even in the runway show, ruffles mix with nylon tops and shorts, delicate beaded pieces are thrown in with bold graphics and so on. It’s a collection of perfectly harmonious contradictions, something that is not always easily done.

Needless to say most of the items in this highly-sought-after collection have sold out, so while I wait for my favorites to come back in stock, why don’t I show you all how my favorite bits and show off how I would style them using all H&M merchandise?

All items marked with a ★ are from the Studio Collection.

Any item left un-linked means it is unfortunately unavailable at the time, but keep your eyes peeled!

H&M Studio Collection Outfit Collage

cotton ruffle blouse ★ | distressed straight jean | slingbacks | suede purse | tassel earrings | delicate bracelet trio

If I had been attending the fashion show in Paris, this definately would have been my outfit! I love the blouse and the modern bohemian aesthetic of the whole outfit, especially the shoes. I actually have the tassel earrings in white, and turned them into a pair of plugs since my first hole in my ears is gauged (you can find that post here) and love wearing them whenever I can! My second favorite outfit out of the bunch, I saved the best for last so you’ll just have to scroll down to see my favorite!

H&M Studio Collection Outfit Collage

kimono | lace bikini top ★ | bikini bottoms ★ | carry-all shopper | mules | sunnies

This is the ultimate “my office is pool-side today but I may or may not run across the street to the new frozen yogurt place so I still want to look cute” look. From the pop of pink against the snakeskin of the kimono, contrasting with the delicate lace detail of the bikini. Being from California, I’m a Summer girl through-and-through (I just cannot stand the humidity here in North Carolina though), so I always love a good  pool-side look that is still super cute and blog-worthy!
H&M Studio Collection Outfit Collage

utility blouse | cotton lace shorts ★ | purse | heels | delicate necklace

This outfit reminds me so much of my favorite blogger, Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules, and its the perfect minimalist day-to-night look, all you would have to do is switch out the necklace (or not, depending on where you’re going) for a pair of classic drop earrings and you’d be good to go! I love the color combination I put into this outfit with the muted Spring tones.

H&M Studio Collection Outfit Collagemaxi dress (worn open as duster) | shoulder bag | beaded bandanna scarf ★ | rings | booties | jersey knit tank | raw-hem skinnies

My favorite look out of all of the looks I put together for you guys today! This is the Boheme Royale version of a contradicting hard vs. soft look, and an outfit I now desperately need to get my hands on haha! I love the mix of hard blacks and striking silver details with the soft mix of the maxi dress being unbuttoned (like it’s shown on the site and how I personally wear almost every button-down maxi dress I own) and worn as a duster, paired with a bright pop of mustard. It’s a beautiful mix of textures and fabrics (floral, suede, beading details and every day jersey)!

 What’s your favorite piece from the collection you can’t wait to get your mitts on (if you haven’t already!)? Let me know below and let’s chat! And as always, don’t forget to give Boheme Royale a follow on our social media platforms by clicking the cacti below!
PS: I know some of you guys have been asking about outfit post, and they’re coming I promise! I always struggle with outfit post during the colder months because I can’t stand to be cold and feel like I can’t focus enough to take quality images when it’s 40 degrees outside, but they’re coming! xo