At Boheme Royale we offer the opportunity to partner with brands on a wide spectrum of categories and budgets in mutual collaborations. Meaning we work on a product for promotional base where you, the company, supply the product(s) and we as the creatives ensure the brand is represented and appropriately promoted in a unique-to-us but professional manner.

Since two bodies run and post to Boheme Royale, we are happy to accommodate both men’s and women’s brands in fashion and lifestyle, as well as home products since we do feature and mention home-related topics on this website. Collaborations can be joint (the company provides product for both Jonah and Stephanie) or specific to either Jonah or Stephanie. Home-related collaborations are viewed as a joint collab.

As mentioned, for all collaborations we run on a product-for-service basis, meaning there is no fee on either end. However we do ask that we be allowed to hand-pick the product sent to us so that we can ensure it adheres to what Boheme Royale is all about.

By collaborating with us you can expect the following:

– Up to 5 high-quality images of varying poses and capture of the products (at least two full-body shots if applicable for articles of clothing and a flat lay image are guaranteed). Although up to five may be taken, if the item is small like jewelry, only one to two images may be featured.

– A 200+ word blog post ONLY for collaborations featuring a full outfit (top and bottom, top and accessories, etc.). Any collaborations featuring accessories, beauty products of home products will be posted only to social media.

– An ad space in our “Featured Brand” section that will last until our next collaboration is posted.

-Use of all images taken during the collaboration. If you wish to feature the images in print (i.e.: use for a magazine ad or marketing material) PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE DOING SO, A PRINT FEE WILL APPLY! Images taken for collaborations will always feature the Boheme Royale watermark and IS NOT TO BE REMOVED. If you would like images without a watermark, please contact us about a sponsored post.

-Collaborations are meant to be mutually beneficial to both Boheme Royale and the brand we are working with. In saying that, we ask that the brand in partner re-post at least ONE image from the collaboration with proper credit/tagging.

Since we do not charge for collaborations, we may sell product sent to us in order to continue to fund Boheme Royale and the expenses within.

Collaborations ARE NOT sponsored post. They are not brand-exclusive, meaning any featured brands along side your product will be tagged in social media post and mentioned in blog post, images are watermarked. If you wish for exclusivity with your products, please contact us for sponsored post pricing and details!


Please note that we only accept a limited amount of collaborations a month to ensure they are the best quality possible for blog and brand, and with our current given schedule. Once your product is received you can expect to see content posted anywhere between 24 hours to a week. Our sponsored post are priority over our free collaborations, if you wish to guarantee a promotion of you company, please contact us about sponsored post details.