A few blog post ago I mentioned that I was going to be volunteering at my favorite place in Hickory, ReSource Warehouse & Gallery, which is 1 of only 11 or so creative re-use centers here in North Carolina (which I find sad, but that’s beyond the point…) where you can not only purchase materials for your own projects or housewares items or furniture, but you can also shop the gallery section and support local artisans!

Before the opportunity arose I of course was a frequent shopper at ReSource, mainly because I have a fabric hoarding problem and at the moment just don’t really have the free time to do anything with the three storage totes I have of fabrics, but one day I’ll be able to use them for what I set out for them to be used for!

The day the opportunity came into light I was having a Daddy + Daughter Day with my padre (I’m a huge daddy’s girl so they’re frequent), and since we were out and I was driving, I suggested we go to ReSource since I hadn’t been in a few weeks because I had gotten busy. It was kind of like an answered prayer on both sides because I remember thinking “I would love to work here in some way…it’d be so bad for my fabric habit but so worth it” and I believe I mentioned it to my dad too while we were there. Of course I bought fabric while there and began talking with Gale, the warehouse manager, and we got on the topic of my blogging.

Next thing I knew, she was telling me how herself and Christie, the volunteer coordinator, had literally been talking not even 72 hours ago about how they were looking for someone to help them bring in more funds for Safe Harbor by selling the more valuable vintage/antique items on a platform like Etsy or eBay. I said “I’m your girl” faster than saying “yes” when someone ask if I want to eat at Crescent Moon (probably my second favorite place in Hickory…followed by Hobby Lobby), we exchanged business cards and I was on the phone with Christie the next day during my lunch break!

It was literally a prayer answered on both sides as I had mentioned, I’d always wanted to work with them in some way, and they had been looking for someone like me to assist them, badda bing badda boom!

But like I told Christie on the phone the day I talked to her, I feel like it’s coming full-circle for me personally.


ReSource Warehouse & Gallery is umbrella-ed by Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, which helps women struggling not only with addictions on any level, but also with homelessness. They provide Christ-based counseling and help for these women to show them that they are stronger than the demons in their life and that no matter what they have done or been through, God still holds an unconditional love for them, even if they have turned their back to him. They offer multiple programs like their new Day Program where women can come off the streets after leaving shelters like the Salvation Army, and have a hot meal, childcare, and even learn computer and GED skills to help them advance in life.

I won’t go into detail, but at one point in my life I was homeless and living with my sister and mother in a shelter provided by CCM (Cooperative Christian Ministries), and at that time when I needed God most, I had my back turned to him. And at that time I struggled with anxiety, depression and self-harm.

So I know what it’s like for these women, especially the younger ones who are now the same age I was when I was living in a renovated office space with no oven and no visitors were allowed except for my dad. And it is so amazing that I am now in the position where I can help those women in a direct way by volunteering at ReSource (and I hope to help at Safe Harbor as well soon).

So what exactly am I doing at ReSource?

p.s.: this Kodak Target Brownie is one of the camera to be listed on the Etsy page!

Well to be short and sweet: I’m the Etsy Girl!

While I’m there volunteering, unless a donation comes in or they need me to help with something else (which I’m totally fine with because honestly I could spend all day there), I’m researching, searching and now photographing and listing the more valuable vintage goodies on Etsy! There have been so many cool finds that I can’t wait for you guys to openly browse, and maybe purchase to help women in need! I am so blessed for this opportunity and love the people I get to connect with while I’m there

At the moment, there aren’t any items listed, but make sure to favorite the shop so you can know when I do start listing items! Items like vintage cameras, housewear, dolls, toys and much more will be listed! Oh, and did I mention free shipping too??

Note that at the time we are only shipping within the US and any furniture that is listed, will be local pick-up only!

Happy junkin’! xo

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