Boheme Royale is a bohemian-niche fashion and lifestyle blog with an edge run by power-couple Jonah and Stephanie. The main objective of Boheme Royale is to inspire and be inspired, by providing high-quality content and connecting with other creatives from all walks of life!


Stephanie, now 23, is a California-native but currently lives in Hickory, North Carolina, and travels frequently to Charlotte and surrounding areas. She has been blogging since 2012, shortly after graduating high school, and has since worked with local newspapers, boutiques and attended Charlotte Fashion Week with Jonah in September of 2016 to cover the events for Boheme Royale. Stephanie prides herself on her unique take of personal style, often mixing vintage or customized works into post along with modern pieces.

Contact her personally at stephanie@bohemeroyale.com


 At 25, this Florida-native also resides in Hickory at BR HQ. Jonah began tip-toeing onto the blogging scene in 2016 assisting Stephanie at events, but with the site relaunch in 2017, was full integrated into the blog. Outside of blogging and his day job, he can be found in his studio, creating art. Jonah serves as not only a constant motivation and support system to Stephanie, but is also the logically-bound tether that keeps his gypsy from wandering too far into the deep, deep waters (because someone has to, right?).

Contact him personally at jonah@bohemeroyale.com


Jonah and Stephanie have been together for 8 years, and started blogging together on Boheme Royale in 2017 shortly after buying their first home together. The couple thrive off each other’s creative differences and are constantly in the midst of plotting something, all while keeping each other sane in a society that tries to tell them that they can be creative all they want, but it won’t get them anywhere. Aside from their own individual streams of inspiration, the Stephanie and Jonah are heavily influenced by a variety of elements from the band they connected over, My Chemical Romance, to the sound of the thunder resounding off the metal roof of their cozy home.

Boheme Royale is North Carolina’s first and only successful fashion and lifestyle blog run by, and featuring, a couple. We offer a range of services for brands, and guarantee a unique and intimate experience between your brand and our readers! Please email us at hello@bohemeroyale.com to discuss collaborations or pose any questions. Or you can visit the Boheme Royale web-shop to view the services offered and pricing!

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