three easy shoe updates for spring

I love shoes, much like 80% of the female population, and easily own about 20+ pairs. Shoes can either make or break your outfit, and many styling experts often suggest that when in doubt, start with your shoes when putting together an outfit for an event.

But during the hotter months, when you’re wearing your shorts and shorter dresses with them, sometimes you want to dress them up.

Today I’m going to show tour guys three easy ways you can update your shoes to bring them new life or make them look like a completely different shoe all-together! These are items that you either already own or can easily go out  and get without spending a fortune!

A Bracelet (or Two)

Chances are you probably don’t own two of the same bracelet, so you might have to go out and buy this (or use coordinating bracelets for a unique signature look!), but bracelets are the first easy was to update any shoe, especially ankle boots and sneakers! Just slide the shoe string through the end o-rings or just slide it over the boot and add a few extender chains if you’re boot or ankle is wide. If you’re not going to re-use the bracelet later for your arm and want to make it a permanent resident of the shoe, make sure to remove the clasp and extending chain with pliers!

An Arm Cuff

I love using these for my shoes, and currently have two pairs of boots that I’ve added arm chains too, and I get tons of compliments on both whenever I wear them! Most of the time you won’t need to add anything like an extender chain unless the shaft of your boot is wide, you can usually just slide them over the opening and they’ll usually stop where the able meets the shaft!

Fabric or Decorative Trim

custom boots

Now this is more of a customization than add-on, unless you’re making your own boot chain (kind of like I did to add to my favorite hat, seen here on my Instagram!), but it’s a great way to take a simple pair of shoes and amp them up! Fabric or decorative trim of course can be found at any craft store, or creative re-use center like I’ve gotten mine from ReSource!

All I did was punch holes around the lip of the bootie with a leather punch, and then secured my trim with needle and thread, and the same for the beads and disc. I wore these to Fashion Week and they got so many compliments and love!

custom boots detail

Other great ideas:

• multiple skinny belts in coordinating colors

• scarves or bandannas

• choker necklaces